Insights from Jane

Insights from Jane

Jane Cyr on Life as an Agent, Wife, and Mom

Balancing a career in a 24/7 industry with the ever demanding roles of wife and mother is no small feat. And when your business partner also happens to be your husband, the balance can get even trickier. For Jane Cyr, co-founder of the Cyr Team and wife of Vincent Cyr, this juggling act is not only a part of the daily routine, it’s also what makes Jane and the Cyr Team such dedicated and successful Realtors®.

Since becoming an agent in 2009, Jane has seen year-over-year growth in production and became the Assistant Manager of her office in 2012. In this role, Jane was responsible for training new agents to pass on her knowledge and can-do attitude to the next generation of successful real estate agents. This combination of real estate savvy and communication skills lead Jane’s broker to promote her to Manager of the Media, PA office, with the goal of turning around a struggling operation. Within two years, Jane was able to reverse the ongoing loss of revenue and talent from that office.

In 2017, Jane co-founded the Cyr Team with Vincent, eager to come back to direct client contact, something she’d come to miss while managing a brokerage office. She is known for her tenacity and charisma, and holds ABR, CRS, CRMS, and SRS accreditations.

In a candid cafe interview, Jane shares her experiences as a real estate agent, what it’s like to be married to her business partner, and how she manages to get everything done (and stay sane in the process).

What’s it Like Working With Your Spouse?

The idea of working with your spouse can be polarizing for many people – either it sounds like a dream come true, or a total nightmare! But the truth is, it’s frequently more about the middle ground than you might think, according to Jane. Learning each other’s strengths and weaknesses is important, but learning how to put those into play to provide the best client experience is what working together is really about.

“Vince and I are very opposite.” Those who have met the couple or follow them on Instagram are likely to agree, and she concedes, “it can be really hard at times.” But what makes them opposite – Vince’s early bird mentality compared to Jane’s ‘no work before coffee’ disposition, for example – is also what makes them successful. “We’re able to serve our clients better, because some people will be able to connect with him but not with me, and vice versa.”

And the great thing about working with your spouse in a client-centric industry like real estate? “We can really help people. We don’t have to worry about time on the clock that we’re taking away from each other, because we do the same thing. We can trust each other talking about client circumstances.” Many real estate transactions handled by the Cyr Team occur during stressful or emotional life events, like divorce or the downsizing of a parent, so having easy access to a trusted, knowledgeable, and honest confident can really help ensure the best possible client experience.

How Do You Deal With a 24/7, Client-Centric Business?

Real estate can provide a lot of flexibility in schedules, but it is also a full time gig and things can move quickly. In an industry where “I’ll deal with it in the morning” can mean your client’s offer window has closed, it can feel like you’re always on. But work/life balance is important for both Jane and Vincent.

When asked how she manages her hectic schedule, Jane doesn’t miss a beat. “In the morning, it is easier to schedule things that are very important, that have to get done,” but concedes that schedules can really start to fall apart in the afternoons. “Our priority really is to help our clients through life events…buying and selling a house is extremely stressful.” One big part of managing the 24/7 nature of real estate is to make sure their clients are well informed, that they understand the timelines, and have realistic expectations for every step along the way.

When asked “how do you take care of you?” Jane is adamant. “I stick to my schedule.” She lists going to bed on time, exercising daily, and eating healthfully as some of the most important self care activities. “Sometimes, I just need to have some fun too!” For this, Jane turns to friends or hobbies like reading, exercising, and scrapbooking. “I’m not into doing triathlons or half marathons [like Vincent] – I’ll be ringing the bell on the side though!”

And for keeping a marriage alive when work is ever present? “We try to keep to our schedules, going to bed at 10:00, working out every day. That really helps us. Vincent and I aren’t always together…so we try to find time to shut our phones down, go to dinner and really spend that time. But then we’re right back on it. We’re really passionate about helping our clients.”

As Vincent is known to say, “life happens and real estate gets in the way.” This is painfully true, all too often. “We want to help our clients come out on the other side,” as profitably and peacefully as possible. “Luckily,” Jane says, “we both really love what we do!”

How Long Have You Been an Agent?

“Ten years! I always wanted to be an agent.” But becoming a Realtor® always felt out of reach for Jane, who was afraid to take the exam due to her undiagnosed dyslexia. Growing up a “military brat,” Jane’s condition went undiagnosed as she never stayed in one school long enough for anyone to put two and two together. At Vincent’s urging, Jane was a 28 year old new mom when she finally got tested. Knowing that dyslexia is hereditary, they decided it was time to get an answer once and for all.

Following her diagnosis, Jane worked with an occupational therapist for three years to learn how to work with her dyslexia. With her new found confidence, Jane overcame her fear of tests and earned the title of Realtor® in 2009. And in the years since passing the exam, Jane has come to realize the test she was so afraid of really has no bearing on how people perform as an agent. It’s not about how you score on a test, it’s about how you run your business.

“I felt you could be an honest agent, and be very successful. I saw so many people getting taken advantage of and not treated well [by dishonest agents]. I’m proof of it. You can be an honest agent and be very successful.”

Buy and Sell With The Cyr Team

The Cyr Team delivers superior client care to those looking to buy or sell real estate. We educate, advise, and guide our clients through one of the biggest transactions of their lives by bringing a structured, process-driven methodology to build consistency and clarity in a real estate transaction. Located in SE Pennsylvania, we are licensed in PA, DE, and NJ to better serve the tri-state area.


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