Our team

As a team, our skills, personalities, and passion for our work complement each other. We bring a personal touch with a results-focused approach to marketing and selling your property. Having personally lived many of the real estate experiences of our clients, as well as the knowledge gained from every sale, enables us to bring an understanding of your specific needs that cannot be matched by an individual agent. This is our full-time profession in which our passion for excellence and our reputation is applied to every client.

Vincent Cyr

Vince is the CEO and Team Lead for The Cyr Team – West Chester.
Growing up in the Buffalo area, one learns from the harsh weather that reliance upon each other is a vital part of community. That concept is ingrained in Vince’s DNA – reliable – dependable – someone you can count on. His work ethic was instilled in his early youth and exists today in his constant pursuit of improving the value and service he delivers to his clients. With a background in business, technology consulting, and running his own companies, Vince applies those skills to understand how best to position and market our client’s properties. He brings a project management approach to every home that is specific and unique to that property. An avid pursuer of knowledge and improvement, he is an avid reader, is fitness and health conscious, and is active in his community.

Jane Cyr

Jane is Co-Ceo at The Cyr Team – West Chester.
Jane grew up in many parts of the country and world as her father was in the Air Force. She became skilled at developing relationships quickly as she would often have to move within a year. Her family settled in the Buffalo area when her father retired from the Air Force. Possessing a strong work ethic since her teenage years, she has always had a penchant to jobs that involve people and customer service. Having moved as a child, and experiencing relocation for Vince’s job, she understands the challenges of running a household, raising children, and getting everyone in the family acclimated to their new surroundings. Her real estate career is a culmination of relationship building, empathy with her client’s situations and needs, and her ability to manage multiple projects at the same time. She had successive year-over-year sales performance improvement and eventually became manager of one her broker’s offices.

Taylor Cyr

Taylor is a Showing Agent with The Cyr Team – West Chester.

Taylor grew up in locally here in Glen Mills graduating from Garnet Valley. As a young child he always drew floorplans of homes hoping one day having a career in real estate and architecture. Encouraged from an early teen to work part-time locally, Taylor gained great work ethic and a perspective on how he can achieve his goals that he wants in life. Being from the area, Taylor grew an appreciation for growing up in such a beautiful, historic location. Loving history himself, he has always had a liking towards the older historic stone homes on vast landscapes that frequent our area. Having a background is customer service and sales, Taylor is great at understanding the needs of our clients and being sensitive to the situation.