Move-in Tips for New Construction Homeowners

Couple getting ready to move into new construction home.

Many home buyers are taking advantage of new home construction opportunities. Developers have been building homes and residential communities to keep up with the increased buyer demand of recent years. Some homeowners are taking it upon themselves to buy their own land on which to design and build their dream homes. Moving into a new […]

Is Now the Time to Sell Your Home?

Hourglass and house - time to sell home concept

Many homeowners have been on the fence in the past couple years. They know it has been a strong seller’s market with high buyer demand, quicker home sales and rising prices. However, it’s very natural to want to wait. If prices are going to keep increasing, why shouldn’t you hold off and time your sale […]

5 Real Estate Myths for Home Buyers—The Truth is Out There!

Home buyers looking at new home - real estate myths concept

Last time, we highlighted 5 Real Estate Myths for Home Sellers in the current housing market. This week, we want to turn the tables and focus on some of the common myths and misconceptions facing today’s home buyers. It’s no secret that buyer demand has been high and there is a lot of competition for […]

5 Real Estate Myths for Home Sellers—Fact or Fiction?

house sitting precariously atop stack of coins - real estate myths for home sellers concept

There are many real estate myths out there, especially in today’s seller’s market. Both home buyers and home sellers are making certain assumptions that could be costing them time and/or money. Some of these misconceptions might even be preventing someone from making any type of move in this market. Today, we want to focus on […]

Where Are People Moving According to the U.S. Census?

map with pin in it to show U.S. Census movement data

The 2021 U.S. Census data was recently released and there are some interesting trends to review. As real estate professionals, we are most curious about where people have been moving in the past few years. One trend has been clear since the beginning of the pandemic: people are moving away from the big cities and […]

Is it a Good Time for Building a New Home?

Construction workers building a new home

The idea of building a new home is very appealing. If you are able to find the right property, you can design and build the house of your dreams from the ground up. In some markets, it can be done cheaper than buying an existing home. In others, it may cost you more. It all […]

Home Sellers: 6 Tips for Better Curb Appeal

Nice home entryway, curb appeal concept

If you are getting your home ready to sell during the spring or summer market, there are many things you can do to prepare. One important project to focus on is improving your house’s overall “curb appeal.” How does it look from the outside? Will it look good in pictures and videos? Will is be […]

Making Changes to a New Home—Where to Start

New home renovations concept

Buying a new home is a very exciting experience. It’s a chance to start fresh and create new memories in a special place. Many home buyers are purchasing properties with the intention of making some changes. Whether it’s major renovations, minor remodeling or necessary home improvements, it can be difficult to know where to start. […]

Which State is the Best Retirement Destination?

retirement concept, chairs on a beach

Retirement may be many years away for some of you. For others, it is just around the corner. We can’t tell you when to retire or how to save money for retirement. However, where to retire is a question we do get asked from our real estate clients from time to time. Where Do You […]

The Real Estate Profession in Transition

Realtor handing over keys to client

Being a Realtor® right now is not as easy as many people think. Consumers hear all the talk about the “hot seller’s market” we’ve been in and assume it’s a gravy train for real estate agents. It’s not necessarily as simple as that. Low Inventory = More Competition The reason for the seller’s market is […]