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Why Choose a Real Estate Team?

There are many wonderful real estate agents out there. Some work primarily on their own while others are part of real estate teams. There are many advantages to working with a team compared to an individual. In this article, we are going to share a little insight into our team approach.

As you might expect from our name, The Cyr Team is a real estate team. Not only that, but we are a family team. We started our real estate business with just the two of us, Vincent & Jane Cyr. Recently our son, Taylor Cyr, officially joined our team on a full-time basis. We have an extended team of marketing and service specialists around us. However, at our core we are and always will be a family team. We are a family helping other families with their important real estate decisions.

So, why work with a family real estate team? Here are a few of the advantages we believe that we bring to the table:

Core Values

Like any family, we don’t always agree on everything. Yet, we come back to certain core values that drive us every day. We love one another dearly, and this personal connection drives everything we do as a real estate team. As a family ourselves, we are able to better connect with our clients (many of which have families of their own) and understand what is motivating them throughout their moves. We have been through these experiences ourselves. We remember buying our first starter home and then moving up to a bigger home as our family grew. Now, we know what it’s like to be empty nesters.


One advantage that any real estate team will offer is the concept of teamwork itself. As a client, you will have multiple people working together on your behalf. You benefit from a healthy exchange of ideas and solutions, as well as a group of specialists each handling different aspects of the transaction to create the best possible outcome.

Commitment to Communication

We can’t speak for all real estate teams, but strong communication has always been a driving force for The Cyr Team. Whether it’s working closely with each other to keep things moving forward in the right direction or interacting with our clients to make sure their questions are answered, we believe in the importance of communication throughout every step of the real estate process.

Different Personalities

We are a happy family, but we are all very different people with unique personalities, tastes and ideas. We often find that a client clicks with one of us more than the others, and that’s perfectly fine. We’re all capable of taking the lead on any given real estate transaction. You’ll most likely end up working with all of us over the course of the process, but we understand if you feel more comfortable working with one of us in particular.

Combined Experience & Skills

Just as our individual personalities and approaches are unique, so are our knowledge and skills. Each member of The Cyr Team brings something different to the group. Vince is great with numbers and analyzing local real estate trends. Jane excels at building relationships and has an incredible work ethic. Taylor understands architecture and is very passionate about his budding career. Then, we have our other experts and specialists that each bring something important to the table. This includes the wonderful team at our local Keller Williams brokerage and KW’s nationwide real estate and marketing resources.

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits to working with a real estate team, and especially The Cyr Team Family. If you are buying or selling a home in Southeastern Pennsylvania or Northern Delaware, contact us today for a no-obligation introductory real estate consultation.

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