What Does an Economy with Inflation Mean?

Wooden houses with arrow chart rising to represent market inflation

We’ve been talking to many clients about inflation lately. They keep hearing about it on the news. It’s surprising how few—especially those under the age of 50—really know what inflation is and what it means to be in an inflated economy. More specifically, we like to help educate home buyers and homeowners about the effects […]

My Neighbor’s House Sold for $1 Million! What About Mine?

People exchanging house for money, metaphor for home prices

There’s no doubt that real estate is an exciting business, and home prices have been skyrocketing this past year with such low housing inventory. There are more buyers than sellers, and mortgage rates are still quite low, as well. This has helped keep driving home prices upward. Keeping Up with the Neighbors We get homeowners […]

We Sold Our House! Or Did We?

Real estate agent handing over keys to new house after it is sold.

It’s a great feeling to sell your house, but at what stage is your home truly “sold?” In the real estate world, there are a number of different phrases you might hear. One very important one is “under contract” (or sometimes “in contract” or ‘in escrow”). It’s important to know there is a big difference […]

Real Estate After Vaccination—What to Expect

Nurse holding patient's hands after COVID-19 vaccination

It’s great to know that COVID-19 vaccines are readily available for just about every adult in the United States by now. We got our vaccination shots and that gives us a little more confidence in getting our lives and business somewhat back to normal after a very strange 2020. It may be the literal and […]

Planning Your Home Sale in a Seller’s Market, Part 3

Home seller holding keys in front of packed home—moving in a seller's market concept

In this final installment of our three-part series, we will explore some of the broader life planning aspects to consider when selling your home in today’s seller’s market. If you haven’t ready the first two parts of this article, please check them out when you have a chance: Part 1: Getting Your Home Ready Part […]

Planning Your Home Sale in a Seller’s Market, Part 2

Residential street of houses to represent real estate in a seller's market

In our last article, we tackled the notion of preparing for your home sale in today’s seller’s market. The market should be moving very fast this spring and summer. However, you must be prepared and have a good plan in place to make the sale as successful and profitable as possible. If you have not […]

Planning Your Home Sale in a Seller’s Market, Part 1

Nice house front door to represent preparing your home for a seller's market

Some people can get a little confused by the notion of a “seller’s market.” There is no doubt we are in a hot seller’s market right now, and we have been in one for quite some time. Housing inventory is low. Home prices are high. Buyer demand is high. Mortgage rates are still relatively low. […]

Exploring the Trend of Multi-Generational Living

Big family to represent multi-generational living concept

Multi-generational living has always been a trend. It’s not uncommon for older parents to move in with their children when they have trouble caring for themselves. It can be less expensive than a retirement home or senior care facility, while also just more convenient for multiple generations to be living in one home. The Impact […]

Is it Time to Rethink Your Long-Term Real Estate Plan?

Real Estate Plan concept with paper houses

It’s a seller’s market right now. This has been true for years, and the conditions have only been amplified as a result of the pandemic. Buyer demand is high, seller inventory is low and mortgage rates are very favorable. There are other factors from this pandemic that may forever change how people view real estate. […]

What Happens to Your Real Estate During a Divorce?

Divorced woman packing up for home sale

Nobody ever wants to experience a divorce, but life happens and we are sometimes forced to make very difficult decisions. Going through a divorce can be an emotionally trying time for both parties. It’s easy to get caught up in all the drama and make some poor decisions throughout the proceedings. The largest mistakes often […]