Home Buyers and Sellers: NAR Settlement FAQs, Part 2

Money and house concept, representing NAR settlement and FAQs asked by home buyers and sellers.

If you’ve been following The Cyr Team Blog, you may have seen our most recent article (read here) answering some frequently asked questions about the recent National Association of Realtors® (NAR) settlement. The ways real estate commissions are split and paid for listing agents and buyer’s agents could be changing significantly. As a home buyer […]

Home Buyers and Sellers: NAR Settlement FAQs, Part 1

Gavel and house, representing NAR Settlement

The real estate industry is an ever-changing landscape. Some big changes are on the horizon as a result of a major settlement between the National Association of Realtors® (NAR) and the Department of Justice. It will impact several key aspects of our business. However, the issue that affects home buyers and sellers the most will […]

Who is Truly the #1 Real Estate Agent in Your Area?

Realtor and clients, representing "best real estate agent" advertising.

You see the yard signs, bus benches and billboards all over town. You run a Google search for the “best real estate agent” in your area and several names pop up first on the list. Somehow, almost every one of them is claiming to be the “#1 Agent.” They all boast about having the most […]

How to Select the Right Buyer’s Agent

Real estate agent with clients, representing home buyer's agent.

As the real estate industry continues to evaluate the impact of the proposed NAR settlement, the importance of selecting a buyer’s agent continues to increase. In the near future, there is a very real chance that home buyers will need to pay for their agent’s services directly as part of the transaction. Therefore, buyers will […]

Navigating the Emotional Journey: How to Help Your Aging Parents Embrace Change

Elderly couple, representing aging parents needing to make a real estate move.

Lately, we’ve been consulting with more and more people who are faced with a tough situation. They are tasked with the responsibility of moving an elderly parent out of a family house and into a more suitable living situation. They have to determine what to do with the property, all while making difficult financial, practical […]

What You Need to Know About Home Appraisals

balance between house and money, representing home appraisals.

Home appraisals are an important part of the real estate sales process when a mortgage loan is required for the transaction. Their purpose is often misunderstood by home buyers and sellers, and it can sometimes provide unexpected complications when the numbers don’t match up. Appraisals are meant to protect the lender, but can also provide […]

Changing with the Times: Technology and Real Estate

Real estate technology concept with smartphone.

We’ve been real estate professionals for a long time. We’ve been proud to help over 300 families make successful moves. The industry has changed dramatically over the past few years. Technology continues to evolve, and our business may experience more change in the next five years than in the past 30. We know that as […]

Estate Planning for an Uncertain Future

Paper dolls, representing estate planning for family and generations.

Throughout our lives and business, we’ve had the pleasure of meeting so many different people. Everyone will face their own trials and tribulations throughout life—hardship, health issues, family drama and financial pressures. And ultimately, we all face the same fate. We see this everyday when working with our clients as we try to help them […]

Protect Yourself Against Deed and Title Fraud

Digital home security concept, representing title fraud.

Title fraud (aka “home title theft”) is a growing problem throughout the country. It is a horrible type of real estate fraud and identity theft that could end up costing you ownership of your property or cause serious financial trouble. It happens when someone uses a homeowner’s personal information to forge a deed and use […]

Important Real Estate Trends Shaping the 2024 Housing Market

Real estate concept, 2024 housing market.

On the previous Cyr Team Blog article, we discussed “What to Expect with Home Affordability in 2024.” [Click here to read the full article.] We shared data and trends from our recent report comparing real estate sales trends between 2023 and previous years. [Click here to download report.] There are some additional topics from the […]