Taylor Cyr Officially Joins The Cyr Team’s Family Real Estate Business

We wanted to take this opportunity to officially announce Taylor Cyr as a full-time member of The Cyr Team. We are proud to have this great young man as our son and now we’re so excited to see what he can do with his real estate career as he joins our real estate team.

A Passion for Real Estate

Taylor has been working with The Cyr Team for a couple of years already, helping out where he has been needed while working to earn his Pennsylvania real estate license. He also has five years of experience working for our professional home stager, so that knowledge he has gained will certainly be beneficial to our team and our home selling clients.

Being around the real estate business his whole life definitely seemed to rub off on Taylor. He knew he wanted to pursue a career in the real estate industry. Early on, he thought he wanted to be an architect, but life took him in a different direction and real estate turned out to be the perfect fit for him.

“I chose to work in real estate because I simply love architecture and houses,” Taylor says. “Plus, I get the satisfaction of helping people. I love helping people and seeing them transition through their life events. Nothing gets me more out of bed every morning than knowing I’m making an impact on someone’s life.”

Driven to Succeed

We’re looking forward to our clients and network of service partners getting to know Taylor even better. We know he is going to be a huge asset to our team. He is an extremely driven individual and he is motivated to be his best every day. Taylor is ready to help our real estate clients with all their real estate needs. He isn’t afraid to go above and beyond to get the job is done right. For our team, success comes naturally when we’re able to make sure our clients feel at ease and confident about every home buying or selling decision they make.

“I want to excel no matter what expectations anyone my have of me,” Taylor adds. “This is my number one goal as part of The Cyr Team.”

More About Taylor

Taylor was born and raised here Southern Pennsylvania. He’s has a real passion for the history and classic architectural styles that are found throughout are area. Outside of work, Taylor enjoys watching movies and taking hikes with his dog, Knight. He has recently gotten really into 3D printing and model making. Taylor has been creating models of his favorite buildings and movie props, as well as making unique gifts for friends and family.

Please join us in welcoming Taylor Cyr officially to The Cyr Team. In many ways, he’s been a key part of our family team all along, but now more people are going to be able to see all the incredible things he’s able to achieve as a full-time real estate professional.

For all your local home buying and selling needs, you can count on Taylor—and the entire Cyr Team—for the best in real estate representation. Contact us today!

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