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Home Sellers: 6 Tips for Better Curb Appeal

If you are getting your home ready to sell during the spring or summer market, there are many things you can do to prepare. One important project to focus on is improving your house’s overall “curb appeal.” How does it look from the outside? Will it look good in pictures and videos? Will is be attractive and enticing to potential buyers?

Here are some tips to help you create better curb appeal:

1. Declutter the Yard

This is something we recommend doing both inside and outside the house. Get rid of excess junk and cut down on unnecessary furniture, décor, etc. Put away all the children’s toys. Throw out old patio furniture, tattered umbrellas, rusty sprinklers and other items that are just taking up space and/or creating an ugly visual. Make your lawn, patio, porch and other exterior areas look as clean and inviting as possible.

2. Clean Your Exterior

In addition to decluttering your outdoor spaces, you’ll want to give your house’s exterior a thorough cleaning. Wash the siding and have the windows/screens/shutters professionally washed. Mow the lawn and clean the patio/porch furniture. Get rid of oil stains on the driveway. Clean out gutters and drains. You get the idea!

3. Focus on the Most Visible Areas

Pay special attention to the front of your home, your driveway and your entryway (porch, front steps, front door, light fixtures, etc.). This is where the term “curb appeal” comes from. Some buyers may simply do a drive-by of a home before they book a showing appointment. The more attractive it looks from the street, the more likely they are to be interested. Sell them on the property before they even walk inside the front door.

4. Consider Upgrades

We recently had an article entitled “Which Renovations to Consider When Selling Your Home.” (Click here to read it.) It focused some interior upgrades to consider. The same strategy can be applied to your home’s exterior. Does the outside need a new coat of paint? Could a deck or patio benefit from a fresh coat of stain? Maybe you think about refinishing old patio furniture or upgrading the sprinkler system, lighting system or other features. What about planting new grass seed or laying down new sod in the yard? Bring in some fresh plants and flowers to make your garden and other exterior spaces look full of life.

5. Make it Visible

One important tip is to make sure your home is easy to find, with or without the aid of GPS. The street numbers should be legible and easily visible. If there are other cars parked on the street and the views may be obscured, find other ways to make the house stand out (without making it look to obnoxious and bothering the neighbors, of course).

6. Keep it Looking Nice

Last but not least, you have to keep your home’s exterior clean and well-presented the entire time it is up for sale. You may be doing a lot of work to get it ready. Don’t blow it by letting it get messy again. Even after you’ve accepted a buyer’s offer and are in the closing stage, you want to keep it looking sharp until they are ready to move in.

These are a few tips to help you improve your home’s curb appeal when selling. If you are planning to sell your house in Southeastern Pennsylvania or Northern Delaware, contact The Cyr Team today and let us help you get the most out of your experience.

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