What to Expect with Home Affordability in 2024

Money and house concept, representing home affordability trends in 2024.

We recently released a report comparing a number of different real estate data points between 2023 and previous years. [Click here to download full report.] One of the overarching themes of last year was the rising challenge of home affordability. It is getting harder and harder for people in America (and in our markets specifically) […]

Affordable Ways to Add Value to Your Home

Clean updated bathroom, representing home improvement tips to add value to home.

Are you looking to make some upgrades around your home without breaking the bank? There are some simple and affordable ways you can add value to your house. You don’t have to go through a major renovation or spend a ton of money to make your property a more appealing place to live. What is […]

Home Improvement Tips for Today’s Homeowners

Home improvement concept

We recently hosted an event for our clients at a local kitchen design business. We invited people to come and learn more about renovating kitchens and bathrooms. The goal was to provide helpful steps and tips they could implement if they wanted to make some value-adding home improvements. In this article, we want to share […]

7 Items to Address When Selling a Vacant Home

boxes in a room, concept for selling a vacant home

Are you planning to sell a vacant home? Perhaps you already moved out of your old house and into a new one. Or, maybe you inherited property and you need to sell it. Whatever the reason for selling a home that is vacant, there are some important issues to consider. Safety and security will be […]

Real Estate Pricing Strategy

Home pricing in a changing market

The real estate market is changing. There is still very low housing inventory, which is to the advantage of home sellers. That is one of the biggest reasons home prices have gone up so quickly in recent years. However, the other reason for price increases was historically low mortgage rates. Interest rates have gone up […]

5 Real Estate Myths for Home Sellers—Fact or Fiction?

house sitting precariously atop stack of coins - real estate myths for home sellers concept

There are many real estate myths out there, especially in today’s seller’s market. Both home buyers and home sellers are making certain assumptions that could be costing them time and/or money. Some of these misconceptions might even be preventing someone from making any type of move in this market. Today, we want to focus on […]

Home Sellers: 6 Tips for Better Curb Appeal

Nice home entryway, curb appeal concept

If you are getting your home ready to sell during the spring or summer market, there are many things you can do to prepare. One important project to focus on is improving your house’s overall “curb appeal.” How does it look from the outside? Will it look good in pictures and videos? Will is be […]

Which Renovations to Consider When Selling Your Home

Paint roller - home renovations concept

If you are planning to sell your house in the near future, you will want to take the steps to get your home ready for the market. Sometimes, it just takes some cleaning, minor repairs and home staging to make your house show ready. However, there are other bigger investments you may want to consider. […]

Home Sellers: How to Take Advantage of the Market Pause

Home sitting for sale, representing real estate market pause

Buyer activity has been tapering off in recent months. We are no longer in quite the real estate frenzy of late 2020 and early 2021. What was once one of the strongest seller’s markets we’ve ever seen is gradually coming back down to earth. This is natural, and it is not surprising at all. The […]

My Neighbor’s House Sold for $1 Million! What About Mine?

People exchanging house for money, metaphor for home prices

There’s no doubt that real estate is an exciting business, and home prices have been skyrocketing this past year with such low housing inventory. There are more buyers than sellers, and mortgage rates are still quite low, as well. This has helped keep driving home prices upward. Keeping Up with the Neighbors We get homeowners […]