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Helping Your Elderly Parents with a Move

Your parents raised you and cared for you when you were young. They’ve been there to provide support and love throughout your entire life. Eventually, the roles reverse and it becomes your responsibility to help provide care for them in their later years. This is not any easy step for anyone—including your parents.

Below are a few of the most common questions we get from people who are wanting to help their elderly parents move—whether downsizing to a retirement home, moving into a senior care facility or coming to live with one of the children in a multi-generational living situation.

When Should I Intervene with Elderly Parents?

This is a very tough question, especially when your parents don’t think they need to move or aren’t quite ready to accept your help. You could encounter some resistance and be forced to make some tough decisions. Every situation is different and there may not be one right answer here that applies to everyone. While patience, skill, and tact are required, you’ll need to be prepared to take decisive action when the time comes. Involve your parents in these decisions as much as you can, and don’t be afraid to talk about various scenarios before they get to a point when you need to intervene. The more comfortable they are with a plan, the easier it will be for everyone involved.

How Do I Sell My Parents’ Home?

Again, every situation will be a little different. The challenge is your parents still own the property and they may not feel ready or willing to sell. If they are planning to move, then you can simply provide as much support as possible. Be involved with the process and work with their real estate professional to make the process go smoother. Selling a family home after living there for many years is a very emotional process for anyone involved (including you, if it’s your childhood house). If your parents are not able to make the best decisions for themselves, you may have to intervene. Speak with an attorney and understand your legal options. It is imperative that your parents’ rights are protected. All too often, this is when the elderly get taken advantage of by others.  The right answer may be to leave things as they are, despite your best intentions. Click here to read our previous article about selling a family home, including advice for selling an inherited property.

How Can I Help My Parents Move?

Assuming you are able to help them sell their home without any major complications, you will want to do everything you can to assist with their move. In many cases, elderly homeowners are moving to a much smaller home. This means selling a lot of excess stuff, arranging for donations, or figuring out which heirs get to keep certain items. Downsizing comes with a number of unique challenges. The more you can plan and prepare before the move, the better. Work with your parents, your siblings, your real estate agent and any other advisors to figure out the best process for a smooth move. There are organizations and companies who specialize in these types of transitions who can guide you and help you.

Where Are They Moving?

You may be involved in the decision as to where your parents are moving once they sell their house. They could be coming to live with you or another sibling. They might be moving to a smaller home that better suits their needs. They may be moving to a retirement community or need to be in an assisted living facility. There are many wonderful 55+ communities in Pennsylvania, with different levels of lifestyle and care options available. Wherever you live and wherever your parents are moving, help them find a place where they can enjoy their remaining years—or at least have any additional care they require.

If you are looking to help your elderly parents sell their house and move to a better living situation, let us know how we can help. Contact The Cyr Team today for a no-obligation real estate consultation. We’ve worked with many families in these types of situations and we can help provide the necessary guidance and support.



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