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West Chester Narrative Behind the Scenes

West Chester Narrative Behind the Scenes

When we filmed this, it was 18 degrees outside. We were having to wait in-between traffic and trucks driving by and making too much noise to hear us. Believe it or not, we got this intro part done in about 20 minutes.

We did the narration on a separate day in the studio. The other shots were done according to the story we had developed for the shoot. You can read the narration below.

We want to tell a story abot the communities we serve and the great homes we help our clients buy or sell here.

Here is link to the video and the narrative we used:

West Chester, PA

Welcome – How appropriate that the ship that brought William Penn to this new colony, Pennsylvania, was named this – Welcome, it’s the first words you see as you drive into West Chester, PA. It means “gladly received”, and that’s what you are when you arrive here.
Steeped in a rich history that starts before the founding of the nation, West Chester’s strength has been its ability to always stay relevant with the times. Some would say that the people of West Chester are look forward, not backward. That is evident from all the young professionals who look to live and work in West Chester. With flex-space work sites, walkability to restaurants, night life, and shops, and easy access to recreation like kayaking, hiking, and parks, you feel the energy on the streets from everyone around.
From quick bites to eat, farm-to-table, casual, desserts,  or fine dining, you have enough varieties and choices to satisfy any need or occasion.
West Chester welcomes the world into its town in many ways. Enjoy the summer cycling classic where the streets are closed off and professional bicyclists race at over 35 mph in front of over 35,000 thrilled spectators. In December, the annual Christmas parade, where tens of thousands of people, young and old, line the streets to watch the bands, floats, schools, and fire trucks as we welcome St. Nick and his elves to our special place.
For those looking for evening activities, there is a thriving night life of breweries, nightclubs, and fun places to hang out with friends – inside as well as outside.
In the Fall, West Chester welcomes back its college student population to West Chester University. Part of the Pennsylvania university system, education, from elementary through to college, has always been a priority to the citizens of this town.
West Chester also welcomes our four-legged friends in what is considered a dog-friendly community. From walking along the streets in town, to wide open dog parks, there is a place for all members of your family.
Are you looking to live where you feel welcome? Come to West Chester, where Welcome Friend, Welcome Neighbor, Welcome Home is the foundation that this town was built on.

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