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The Best Home Organization Tips

There’s never a bad time to get your home organized. It can seem like a daunting project, but it feels so good when you complete it. It opens up more space around the house and it will be easier to find what you need when you need it. Plus, it’s really not as difficult as it seems. If you have a good strategy and maintain a positive mindset, you might be amazed at how smoothly it goes.

Here are a few good home organization tips we recommend:

One Space at a Time

Probably the best idea when it comes to organizing your home is to focus on one space at a time. This makes it seem much more manageable. Otherwise, it can feel too overwhelming when you think about all the spaces that need to be reorganized. Start with one closet, pantry or cupboard. Focus your efforts on one room at a time and then move onto the next once the first one is done. When one room looks great, it will get you motivated to tackle the next.

Get Rid of the Useless Stuff

We all buy more things than we actually need and most of them just end up taking up space after awhile. Go through all your belongings and pack up what you don’t need. If it’s useless junk, then throw it away. If it is still in good enough condition, have a yard sale or donate it to a thrift shop. Let someone else get more use out of it. If you do donate items, get a receipt so you can write it off on your taxes. Some things you may want to hold onto, but are taking up too much space. Consider renting a storage unit where you can keep items without them getting in your way at home.

Don’t Rush

A thorough house cleaning and reorganization may take some time, especially if you have a big house with a lot of different spaces. Take your time as you go through each space and don’t feel like you have to rush yourself. Don’t do it halfway either. Home organization is about more than just stuffing everything in a hall closet, attic or basement. Invest the time and do it right. You will appreciate this later.

Don’t Overlook Storage Spaces

Your storage areas are easy to ignore as you prioritize living spaces, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens. Don’t neglect your garage, attic, basement, outdoor sheds and every other storage space in and around your house. Spend time going through each and every area to organize and declutter as much as you possibly can.

Make a Checklist

You can make checklists and to-do lists to help you prioritize organization tasks and which rooms you want to clean up first. Many homeowners find this beneficial for any around-the-home projects.

Find Some Family Fun

Find creative ways to get everyone in the family involved. Make games out of cleaning up children’s rooms and closets. Create awards and treats for a job well done. Celebrate each organization achievement and milestone with something fun. This will keep everyone motivated and the whole thing will feel like much less of a “chore.”

Install Extra Storage Features

Consider adding some extra shelves, drawers, cubbies, racks and other features that open up space and create a more organized presentation. You might be surprised at how much more room a closet has with the right organization strategies.

Label Everything

You can also use color coding based on room or storage spaces. Make sure to label any boxes or containers that you can’t see inside. Stack them up in the order you may actually need the items inside. Don’t bury stuff on the bottom if you may need to get in there from time to time. Make it easy to see and find anything you need when you need it. That way, you aren’t tearing the house apart and ruining your nicely organized spaces.

Seasonal Storage

We have four seasons in southeastern Pennsylvania and Northern Delaware, so there are seasonal items that many homeowners don’t need for certain parts of the year. Create a rotational seasonal storage system. Pack up your winter coats and blankets in the summer and then put away the shorts and warm-weather items during the winter. You might be able to store seasonal items and holiday decorations in a few boxes that you can use and rotate throughout the year.

Don’t Give Up

Lastly, you have to stay motivated and keep working on a major home reorganization project. It will take some time and a lot of effort, but it will be well worth it in the end.

These are a few good home organization tips to consider if you want to open up more space in your house and have a more organized place. If you are organizing in preparation for a move or selling your house in the near future, let us know how we can help. Contact The Cyr Team today to discuss your real estate needs.

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