Never Giving Up

Never Giving Up

Here is a story about Nick Foles – the MVP quarterback of Super Bowl LII for the Philadelphia Eagles (courtesy of Tyler Lauletta of

You can read the story below. The overall theme is this: We all endure struggles. We have crises of faith, ability, and confidence. The champions persevere through the struggle. They do not quit. The reflect, take advice, and pray for strength and guidance. Then they get back to work and grind it out – one day at a time.

If today is that day of struggle for you, remember Nick Foles (and countless others who push through the pain).

Read the story below:

Nick Foles was named Super Bowl MVP after leading the Philadelphia Eagles to a 41-33 victory over the New England Patriots.

While it might seem like a lifetime ago now, Foles very recently considered retirement, after a tough stretch of his career with the St. Louis Rams. After the game, Foles opened about just how close he was to leaving football for good. Asked how close he came to ending his career, Foles said “In my heart, it was probably 100%. It was a tough six months.”

“My faith was tested,” Foles said. “But I just kept leaning on the Lord. Kept praying. We’re so blessed to play this game, but eventually it comes to an end.”

Foles also spoke about how tough it is to devote yourself to football if you’re heart isn’t in it. “If you don’t love this game it’s hard to do,” Foles said. “So when you lose your joy. I grew up in Texas, played some Texas high school football. That stuff is real. I touched a football the day I was born. So when the joy goes away, that’s a hard thing. But that journey that I went on strengthened me.”

You can watch Foles’ comments below.

Nick Foles About Almost Quitting Football

Thankfully for Foles, and for Eagles fans, Foles did not retire. Instead he stayed in the game, rejoined the Eagles, stepped up in place of an injured Carson Wentz, and carried the city of Philadelphia to its first Super Bowl win in franchise history.

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